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Who is Theo Tams?

Theo Tams is rediscovering his identity as an artist. With his upcoming EP, the Canadian singer/songwriter demonstrates a remarkable command of R&B-laced pop music, his silky tenor the unwavering guiding light.

Two years since his last record, 2018’s Call the Doctor, what is most evident is his fearlessness to cannonball right into fresh sonic waves. “I knew that I really wanted to just dive into this evolution and a different sound. All the new music was an exercise in the spirit of saying yes to new things,” he says.

Growing up in a fairly strict reformed Christian household in Coaldale, Alberta, Tams discovered a natural inclination towards music while attending church. Towards the end of the 2000s, Tams’ life changed, first through coming out to his parents and then by competing in Canadian Idol and winning that year’s competition. Having released his debut album in 2009, as well as several EPs in recent years, Tams struggled navigating a post-Idol image and harboured a desire to branch out in his work.

Now, he stands in a new kind of spotlight. Tams is a step-father, a joyful responsibility that has given him a new lease on life and inspired him in his music. He recalls a recent conversation with his step-daughter: “I had this eye opening moment where I thought, ‘It's hypocritical of me to be encouraging her to do all of these things and be comfortable with herself when I am not.’ It was a very quick shift for me.”

That’s where his EP comes into the picture. Songs such as “Therapy” and “Fixable” accentuate this cosmic personal shift. The music across this collection of songs drowns the senses, oozing with intimate lyrics and style.

With the slow burning production of standout track, “Jekyll Hyde Love,” Tams explores both the positive and negative intensities he brings to his relationship.

“Part of growing older has been accepting my weaknesses and learning how to coast,”  he explains. The song was written about those aspects in a relationship, accepting the fact that those extremes can also be what keeps things fresh, new, and exciting. “I’d rather be on a roller coaster than a merry-go-round any day,” says Tams.

Tams’ new EP finds him unapologetically embracing his own identity, reflecting on his behaviour and accentuating his strengths as a musician. Through his evolution into the artist he is today, it would seem that Theo Tams has finally found his place in the world.